So you want to donate to a Super PAC? There are a lot to choose from and all the other ones suck. Why donate to the Zombie Apocalypse Super PAC? Unlike other Super PACs we are non-partisan. We truly are. Some say it but they really aren’t. We are serving one need and one need only, which is to get our elected officials to answer a simple question:

“What role does government have in the zombie apocalypse?”

Don’t you want to know how your Congressman or Senator would respond to this question? How the individuals running against them in the upcoming election would respond? What about the Presidential hopefuls?

Why waste your money giving it to other Super PACs when they are serving an agenda that you may not completely agree with? If you are here reading this now it means you are interested in donating. Click the button and donate what you can afford. It will cover our operating costs and travel expenses, and get us to town halls, rallies, and city council meetings - maybe even the nomination conventions. We will ask that all-important question and we will post the responses we get. We promise.

Donate now.


Really, thank you.



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